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Alcohol-Free antibacterial solution

Targeting airborne biohazards

Easy to cover big areas effectively

What is Bio-Fogging?

Our alcohol-free fogging solution. The high-velocity bio-fogging process is a well established and recognised technique for the sterilisation of the entire interior of a room including the atmosphere, furnishings and surfaces.
The ‘fog’ is in the form of a fine mist which eliminates all pathogens in places that often can not be reached by conventional cleaning. These include ceilings, walls, floors, carpets, soft fabrics and every nook and cranny which are otherwise inaccessible. The fogging leaves everything totally free of pathogens but also ‘freshened’ and ready for use. An effective and fast solution to cover bigger areas and also kill airborne bacteria. A unique water-based and mild formulation offering long lasting protection. Adapted for effective fogging. Clinically documented effect. WGF 1 Classified. Environmentally and material friendly.
Biofogging effective way to get rid of germs and viruses in public transport insta (2)
Bio Fogging is a less time consuming and more effective sanitizing solution than anything currently out there.
This is how much on average you can sanitize by Bio-Fogging with one 2L tank

Hotel Rooms

Average hotel room 30 m2 ( 322 SQ Feet)


Boutique Stores

Average 185 m2 (2000 SQ Feet)

1000 m2


With one 2L tank lasting around 40minutes.


747-400 Boeing

With 1 Tank

Alcohol-Free Formula, which is safe for humans

Alcohol-free spray enriched with Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera, and Biopolymers. It removes 99.99% bacteria with long-lasting protection keeping hands clean without drying out your skin. Treated with anti-static properties, it's safe to use near electronic devices
1. Lasts Longer
Other products such as hand sanitisers, work by poisoning bacteria through a single active substance and they stop being active once they have dried out. Biopocket spray continues protecting even when it becomes dry.
2. Clinically Tested
Clinical studies are conducted by independent laboratories on our products to prove the efficacy. Research and innovation meet science and quality assurance in our process of product development to make sure you have a great product in your hand.
3. Peace of Mind
Studies show that one can get protection for up to four hours, but our results also show that even after a full day (eight hours), there are fewer bacteria on the hands than when the day started. The protection depends on how quickly the invisible protection wears off. Other products such as hand sanitizers, work by poisoning bacteria through a single active substance and they stop being active once they have dried out. The formula we are using is an advanced formulation that affects both bacteria in a chemical and physical way. That way the fog continues protecting even when it becomes dry.
4. Made in Sweden
Our formula is created by Swedish scientists and also manufactured in Sweden.
5. Test Reports

Sanitify BIO - Fogger

An effective and fast solution to cover bigger areas and also kill airborne bacteria. Clinically documented effect.
Battery time 1.5 H
Tank 2l (68fl oz). Approx. 40 minutes of fogging
Cleaning capacity  A hotel room in 60 seconds
Range 6-8 Meters
Voltage 24v
Nozzle 1 size
Charging time 4h

How much solution do you need?

Find out how many liters of solutions you would need to keep your rooms cleaned.

Solving modern problems with modern solutions

Sanitify Bio-Fogging
Old methods of disinfection involved a cleaner and disinfectant spray bottle or pressure sprayer. The problem with this spray and wipe method is:

1. Contact with germ time – often cleaners simply spray and wipe which does not allow enough time for the wet disinfectant to fully neutralize and kill the virus, bacteria, or fungi. The solution stays on the surface long enough to remove all known germs.

2. Cleaning solution – not all cleaning solutions are effective – our solutions kill all currently known germs.

3. Airborne germs and infections – the particles of disinfectant expelled when cleaners spray a bottle are too big to disinfect the air as they fall rapidly to the ground. Our Bio-fogging technology expels particles that are so small that they stay suspended long enough in the air to sanitize it. 

4. Allergens – spray bottles are often perfumed and can aggravate allergies when people re-enter the area. our foggers do not trigger allergies and on request.

5. Spray and wipe techniques can allow patches to be missed and pockets of bacteria to remain and then spread – our fogging technique and technology ensures this does not happen.

6. Disinfection the size of a tennis court would take a couple of cleaners with a manual spray bottle and cloth between 10 – 12 hours. We can cover this with one biologging operator in under 90 minutes with more reliable coverage.

7. Cloths can spread germs to new areas if not changed regularly during a sanitation – our fogging particles land and kill the germ with no cloth or medium in between – it is a straight elimination of the germ.